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Are we letting our Children down with post education options

Listening to a leading teacher speak at a recent event, it came as no surprise that he admitted that teachers were probably the worst people to give students and pupils career advice. It has always been so when I was … Continue reading

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Serial Killer or What?

Networking Serial or Committed? I heard recently someone mentioned that they were a “serial networker” and began to consider exactly what they meant was it in terms of a serial killer or a serial bigamist of just someone who hasn’t … Continue reading

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Respect who wants it?

What is it about “respect” it appears that not only don’t I give “enough” to some people who believe they deserve it but they seem to be the loudest at complaining that they somehow have a right to it without … Continue reading

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Bright Shiny Things

The price of everything the value of nothing I would like to work for a company where the demands are very little and commitment to deliver is non existent also I want to turn up when I feel like it … Continue reading

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What on earth have we been waiting for

For the last few years we, here in the UK, have been listening to politicians and hangers on about whether or not we should be in our out of the EU. Not one side or the other has made any … Continue reading

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Hiring and Firing

It has been said to me so many time that you should always hire people who are better than you at doing the job and I firmly believe that to be the case. Emotions aside sometimes we have to give … Continue reading

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Hello I’m back in the land of the living

Things always seem to get in the way when you are trying get a new venture underway its all work and action and little time for thought or consideration. I have finally created enough space to do both and put … Continue reading

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The Gender Difference.

Is there a difference between the way that men & women approach business networking? More & more mixed business groups are sprouting up but are they putting up barriers to growing their members businesses by not recognising and dealing with … Continue reading

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Have you been predicted yet?

Communication is the only way us humans can get together and share stuff. Whether that is emotional or physical it goes without saying that is we fail at this really basic level then we may as well give up and … Continue reading

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Business is never as easy as looks from the employees standpoint!

It’s a pretty simple proposition, really. You’re in business to make money. We’re in business to help you. If you are the owner manager of a small, start up company or a company that has up to 250 employees I … Continue reading

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