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Are we letting our Children down with post education options

Listening to a leading teacher speak at a recent event, it came as no surprise that he admitted that teachers were probably the worst people to give students and pupils career advice. It has always been so when I was … Continue reading

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Respect who wants it?

What is it about “respect” it appears that not only don’t I give “enough” to some people who believe they deserve it but they seem to be the loudest at complaining that they somehow have a right to it without … Continue reading

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Bright Shiny Things

The price of everything the value of nothing I would like to work for a company where the demands are very little and commitment to deliver is non existent also I want to turn up when I feel like it … Continue reading

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Hiring and Firing

It has been said to me so many time that you should always hire people who are better than you at doing the job and I firmly believe that to be the case. Emotions aside sometimes we have to give … Continue reading

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Hello I’m back in the land of the living

Things always seem to get in the way when you are trying get a new venture underway its all work and action and little time for thought or consideration. I have finally created enough space to do both and put … Continue reading

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Business is never as easy as looks from the employees standpoint!

It’s a pretty simple proposition, really. You’re in business to make money. We’re in business to help you. If you are the owner manager of a small, start up company or a company that has up to 250 employees I … Continue reading

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