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Respect who wants it?

What is it about “respect” it appears that not only don’t I give “enough” to some people who believe they deserve it but they seem to be the loudest at complaining that they somehow have a right to it without … Continue reading

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What on earth have we been waiting for

For the last few years we, here in the UK, have been listening to politicians and hangers on about whether or not we should be in our out of the EU. Not one side or the other has made any … Continue reading

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The Gender Difference.

Is there a difference between the way that men & women approach business networking? More & more mixed business groups are sprouting up but are they putting up barriers to growing their members businesses by not recognising and dealing with … Continue reading

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Have you been predicted yet?

Communication is the only way us humans can get together and share stuff. Whether that is emotional or physical it goes without saying that is we fail at this really basic level then we may as well give up and … Continue reading

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