Hiring and Firing

It has been said to me so many time that you should always hire people who are better than you at doing the job and I firmly believe that to be the case. Emotions aside sometimes we have to give people a lift up which means that they have the “potential” to be better than we are but are not there at the moment. So what do we do when these people with potential fail me meet those goals that we have set them? Are we trying to hard and not showing enough patience to get them to the level that we want and not necessarily what they want?

How does this work with people who work for us in a voluntary capacity? Should be maintain the same standards or relax them a little as their is no financial recompense? I say we should always maintain our standards and we should remove anyone who does not meet their goals. People work in all capacities for a number of very different and equally important reasons. The motivation behind giving up their time has to be valued and respected but the opportunity for them to engage in something that brings them a different reward has also got to be valued and respected.

The position of intern has long been established in the USA but in the UK we have very different views on how opportunities come to those who deserve them. Remember Malcolm Gladwells 10,000 hour rule experience becomes more valuable the more it builds up.

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