Respect who wants it?

What is it about “respect” it appears that not only don’t I give “enough” to some people who believe they deserve it but they seem to be the loudest at complaining that they somehow have a right to it without actually earning it.


I have recently come across a person who felt it okay to include me as a cc in an email then somehow for me to respect them enough to respond to them. Even though I might add I was not included in any previous conversations. I generally only respond to emails where I am included in the send box otherwise the conversation can become very confusing and often misunderstood and cause offence.


On the matter of respect there may be only five or six people who we really respect throughout the whole of our lives and they didn’t demand respect but earned it by building relationships and spending time on getting the relationships to actually work well. The word respect has been hijacked by anyone who feels that they have not been taken seriously; this is probably because they haven’t been.

Does the person waiting at the petrol station deserve respect?

I would say that “respect” is the wrong word he certainly deserves good manners, which is not the same thing. Good manners are being polite and courteous both these words seem to have been consigned to past people deserve you to be both polite and considerate but not have your respect by right.

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