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Paul started Sterling Business in 2002 shortly after the two defining moments of 2001 firstly was the 11th September 2001 New York disaster and second was his gaining his MBA having returned to the UK after spending many years overseas working in Dubai and the Middle East and Far East and on waking finding that the world had significantly changed on September the 12th 2001. Many companies saw the fallout from the U.S. as a major reason to lay off staff and to batten down the hatches. Little did they know what was to come late in that decade business-wise so during 2008 with the Lehman disaster and now in 2011 with the Euro disaster never has there been a better time to take heed of experience and a calm head.

In the eleven years I have been in business I have found that my clients mainly fall into one of three categories either

  1. they are start-up companies that want to see in their fifth birthday (they have a 95% chance of this not happening) or
  2. they are lead by a female entrepreneur. It my experience that ladies take better care of the support I offer and they do not consider what I say as adversarial (in fact 90% of my clients fall into this category) or
  3. they are third generation family businesses who are not sure how they got to where they are in only three steps. Their grandparents had vision drive passion and skills to take their idea to market – their parents had the drive and skills to move this on and finally they have only a vision but not sure where it came from or what to do with it…

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